Social Networks and New Media Players

  • Tadej Praprotnik Faculty of Humanities, University of Primorska
Keywords: social media, media production, media consumption, journalism, Facebook, Twitter


The article presents the phenomenon of multimedia production through various types of inclusion and participation offered by the technological formats. The multimedia production of web pages and other cultural products has been a major channel for the democratisation of cultural production and a means for the self-expression of individuals in the public sphere. The digitalisation and growth of social media have challenged the news industry, since the latter has had to adjust its media production both to the rising power of independent publishers on the social media platforms and to the users-turned-publishers. The paper enumerates several advantages of social media activities, most notably the fact that formerly unheard groups can publish online, that social media encourage collaboration among users, etc. Social networks are a useful tool for interactive communication and user collaboration. Moreover, social media have become a powerful tool for publishers and journalists in increasing or keeping their audiences. However, since social networks typically serve interpersonal rather than professional goals, there is a risk that the communication acts performed by journalists via social networks may be misperceived. Interaction via social networks tends to be more personal, interactive, collaborative, and these characteristics are a far cry from the normative ideals of quality journalism.


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