• Maryna Paliienko Department of Archival Studies and Special Historical Disciplines, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine
Keywords: archives, archivists, archival science, archival management, society, memory, information, social media


The article is devoted to analysis of the socio-cultural mission of archives and their roles in society’s development, in preserving documentary evidences, collective and individual memory, cultural and history heritage. It is investigated some aspects of interactions between the archives and the authorities, individuals and society; it is also characterized the role that memory and social studies, as well as information technologies play in the formation of the current image of archives.

Among the current challenges for archives and archival management it has been pointed out the development of a new archival strategy and strategic thinking in a world that is constantly changing; need to provide authenticity of records and their keeping in the digital age; development of a new model for communication between archives and users that satisfy new social requirements.

It is outlined, that technological and social changes bring a new look at the archives and the profession of archivist. Special attention is paid to the problem of access to information and creation the new opportunities for interaction between the archives and society through the Internet web-sites and social media.


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